RCIA/  Becoming a Catholic


What will be asked of me in this RCIA process?

Anyone seeking information about the Catholic faith is welcom to attend any of the RCIA sessions.  As the process proceeds, and if you so desire to be baptized into the Catholic faith community, we encourage you to strive to attend all the sessions and other RCIA events.  There are times during the RCIA process for you to explore your intentions and continue to discern God's call.


I have already been baptized in the Catholic faith but have not received any other of the Catholic Sacraments (Holy Communion, Confirmation, etc). Can I still attend the sessions?

Yes! Usually, at least half of the participants in the RCIA process have been baptized. Our sessions together will build upon your foundation as a baptized Christian. Preparation for the reception of Holy Communion and of Confirmation are part of the RCIA process.


 What if I was baptized but not as a Catholic?

Most Christian baptisms are universally recognized by the Catholic Church! You are welcome to explore the Catholic faith, and as the process continues, if you so choose, you can prepare to join the Catholic faith through the RCIA process. Prayer, discernment, and reflection are part of the RCIA experience.


Do I need a sponsor?

Jesus taught his disciples the importance of community. It is meaningful that we walk this faith journey with companions. Once the RCIA process is underway, if you are interested in formally exploring the Catholic faith, you will be assigned a "sponsor" from the St. John Parish community. This person will attend the sessions with you and help you find the resources and answers that you may have on your journey.


Is there any cost associated with RCIA?

None whatsoever.


Where do I sign up?

 Please call our offices. 219-987-3511






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